Don’t Let Urgent Overcome Important

Someone recently said this.  I can’t seem to recall the particulars of the circumstances that I was in when I heard it, but the phrase struck a resounding cord in me.  It dawned on me that in my everyday interactions with channel people, organizations, and such, that we are consumed with solving what is directly in front of us – thinking that what we are doing is truly what is important.  Often, it’s not.  Often, it’s just a reactive mechanism on our behalf.  We feel compelled that we must deal with whatever it is, at that very moment.  Those people, and in particular those folks who deal with partners, should remember that what is important always trumps what is urgent.  Urgency doesn’t move the needle forward.  But, dealing in something that is urgent feels so damn good because it is instantaneous gratification.  We naturally feel good about completing a task.  Our endorphins kick in.  We feel great.  Those organizations that can keep their eye on what is important, and weed out the unimportant, will move quicker to success, realize greater revenue opportunities, and propel ahead of competition.  What’s their secret?  It all boils down to helping their people realize that not all urgent requests truly are urgent.  Leadership propagates the message that you want and need across the organization. Leadership shows people what is important.  Leadership gives direction to this importance. Leadership gives reassurances.   Remember this.

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