Our Team


Quick and focused describes this team to a “T”. Think of them as an army of ants, constantly working and producing. This team is comprised of people from diverse, yet synergistic, backgrounds in the areas of retail, broadline distribution, and VAR. This is important for folks to understand as it allows us to gather information at the “street level” within each realm of technology channels.


Our top notch marketing and copy team has created leading edge marketing campaigns for channel focused organizations. Campaigns have ranged from hardware providers to pure play mobile companies. Bottom line is that this team is well in tune to the pulse of the marketplace and delivers consistently solid results for our clients.


Every organization needs their tech “gurus”. We got ours and we rely on them to help our clients implement portal solutions, specifically for their channels. From pure help with structuring a partner portal to assisting in implementing a full blown PRM system, this team is dedicated to ensuring our clients realize the benefit of smooth and efficient technologies.


Our channels team is made up of channel rock stars! Depending upon the exact needs of our client, we align the appropriate channel expert. Often, our Managing Partner is involved in one form or another in helping shape and lead the client project. Bottom line, we’re ridiculously good at what we do, in how we do it, and in the results we produce.