Our Uniqueness


We’re channel experts.  It’s all we do all day, every day.  We know what works and more importantly what doesn’t work with channels.  In light of today’s changing technology paradigms, organizations need expertise to help guide them through the mine field.  This is what C3 does !

  • C3 has over 35 years of channel specific experience
  • By leveraging C3’­s excellent track record of success, you will be able to maximize the productivity of your existing channel
  • C3 understands today’­s business challenges with respect to channels (C3’­s principals have walked in your shoes®) enabling the company to become trusted advisors to it’­s clients
  • C3 can verify or negate (assess) your current channel/reseller model and help you gain a competitive advantage by ensuring that you are setting up and building the RIGHT channel program
  • C3 can minimize your channel development costs while providing a greater return on investment
  • C3 can let you find out sooner, and not later, if you need to change your channel program : Using C3’s proprietary Stress Test methodology, C3 can examine the effectiveness of your current channel program
  • C3’­s wealth of experience to the table in driving products/services into the SMB market through a channel is second to none
  • C3’­s highly effective educational workshops increase company profitability, individual productivity, and overall organizational effectiveness
  • All of C3’­s offerings are focused on significantly increasing the financial strength and marketability of your products and organization
  • Unlike other consulting firms, channel consulting is the only thing we do. We do it well because we focus.