Energize Your Channel via Onboarding

We spend a lot of time consulting to a lot of organizations on their channels.  We love what we do and we often add tremendous value to our clients in relaying common problems and issues that ALL channels face.  This helps our clients take a proactive approach in getting “ahead”.  One of the biggest obstacles to channel growth and acceleration is that most vendors approach onboarding their channel partners/resellers in a very old fashioned way.  In short, they try to “activate” the partner by being reactive to training them.  The vendor allows the partner to access the LMS system and then drops the ball because the vendor relies on the partner to go through the modules.  Truly effective onboarding PUSHES the partner and reports on the partner progress.  This “accountability” causes true momentum – resulting in partners producing more revenue in a much, much quicker timeframe.  There are answers to this dilemma.  Stay tuned for subsequent blog posts and you will see what I mean.  Until then, rock on.

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