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Don’t Let Urgent Overcome Important

Someone recently said this.  I can’t seem to recall the particulars of the circumstances that I was in when I heard it, but the phrase struck a resounding cord in me.  It dawned on me that in my everyday interactions with channel people, organizations, and such, that we are consumed with solving what is directly […]

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The Paradox of Basics

In a recent conversation with a business partner of mine, we got on the topic of how simplicity drives results in everything in society – from design to business processes.  Simple designs are often the result of massive amounts of effort.  This is the paradox of basics in that often the simplest looking things were […]

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Channel Intelligence or the Intelligent Channel ?

As our company embarks upon it’s 10th year in business, we often look back at the many engagements we have undertaken during the course of our history.   The most successful engagements have been those where we have helped shape channels where the entire ecosystem was working in an “intelligent” manner:  strategy was focused, meaningful metrics […]

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Energize Your Channel via Onboarding

We spend a lot of time consulting to a lot of organizations on their channels.  We love what we do and we often add tremendous value to our clients in relaying common problems and issues that ALL channels face.  This helps our clients take a proactive approach in getting “ahead”.  One of the biggest obstacles […]

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